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Your Mind is the Key to Escape

“Escape-rooms” have become a popular game for people looking to use logic and puzzle-solving capabilities in order to “escape” from some “scary” situations.  Now you take on these challenges virtually to prove that your team has the keenest intellect.



Game Options

Escape the Haunted House: Your group thought you’d won a fantastic vacation getaway to an all-inclusive bed and breakfast along the shorelines of Cape Cod.  But not long after you got there you realized this was to be anything but paradise.  Relaxing in your rooms, you hear all of the doors slam shut.  The windows disappear and complete darkness sets in.  You sense the walls beginning to close down upon you.  The only way out is to unlock ALL 10 doors.  Hopefully, you and your friends are quick-witted, otherwise, this house on Cape Cod will turn you all into a can of sardines! 

Escape the Elevator
: Your group is attending a gala party in the penthouse suite, but suddenly the fire alarm sounds off halfway through the night and you begin to smell smoke.  As you all get into the elevator, the doors shut behind you and you find out that the buttons only work if you solve the riddles on the backside of the door.

Escape to Hogwarts:
Happy birthday! You’ve just turned 11 years old and you’ve been informed that you have magical powers. You are a wizard! I’m a what? A wizard! You’ve been accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, one of the best wizarding schools in the world. You don’t believe what you’ve been told and you have so many questions! How could this be happening? Magic is real? Why didn’t your parents know of any magic? You are overcome with excitement and can’t wait to start your first year at Hogwarts!

Home for the Holidays:
Your company is attending a wonderful holiday party at the museum in town. You’ve been enjoying an amazing evening together, but someone forgot to advise the security staff that you were in a secluded area at the back of the museum, and so they didn’t notice you when they locked up for the evening and set the alarms. While it’s been fun, it’s starting to snow, and you’d all like to get home to your families before the storm hits. Can you solve the security riddles in each room to make your way safely out of the museum? Only time will tell.

Space Escapers
: You and your crew are on a mission to discover a new planet that has mysteriously appeared on the edge of our solar system. While out fixing yet another issue with the ship, your lead engineer, Neil Strong, has been knocked unconscious. All of a sudden, the ship begins to be sucked into the planet’s gravitational pull. Only Neil has the override codes to reboot the ship and get your team to safety. Can you and your crew use your wits to crack the codes and get yourselves to safety on time?

Expedition Everest:
Let’s put last year in the rear-view mirror, shall we? As a group, we’ve got new challenges ahead and mountains to climb. Together, we’ve got this, and are looking forward to reaching new heights as a team. On this expedition, solve the various riddles, brain teasers, math/logic problems and other creative “out-of-the-box” thinking challenges to scale the mountain and reach the summit!

How it Works

  1. Book your time
  2. Charge up your connected device (phone, tablet, computer). 
  3. Our hosts will randomly break your group into smaller teams.
  4. With your team in a breakout room, you will compete against both the other teams and the clock.
  5. Need a hint? You can request one from the host, but it will cost you a time penalty.
  6. If your team escapes, you will return to the main group to compare your results with other groups. Who escaped the quickest?


Approximately $25-$35 per person, starting at $400/event. Do you want to ensure you have fun locked in the calendar for your team every month?  Check out our multi-event packages or our JAM Plans!