Remote Games and Events for Teams.

Connect through play.

Teammates that play together form strong connections which increases engagement and loyalty. A JAM event will connect your team with laughter. 
Let’s JAM!


Thought you needed a dabber and giant spinning bowl? Think again! Get your team together laughing, as our hosts make the calls. Music, theme-based and even customized options are available! Bingo cards are online for ease of play.


An engaging way to bring your team together! Get everyone thinking as our host delivers trivia of all levels to your group. Pick your theme in advance, and a link is sent to your team to bring everyone on-line at the same time for some laughs and skill-testing.

Escape Rooms

Engage your team’s collective wits as our host walks you through scenarios needing solutions in order to escape danger. A perfect team-bonding event blending collaboration, creativity and a dash of competition.

Scavenger Hunt

What treasures will your team dig up? During these hilarious hunts, you’ll learn more about your colleagues than you ever thought possible! Those old high school yearbooks might come in handy….


Struggling to welcome new staff while working remotely? Our hosts will guide your team through fun remote onboarding events that will have your new teammates feeling connected from day one!


Do you have a secret office Van Gogh? Or perhaps a few “Van No’s”? Enjoy a lot of laughs, some silly competition and some surprising revelations around your team’s creative talents!

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Let’s JAM!